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Psst… Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Stop by the CD Baby Hot Buttered Elves page and grab some CD’s at discounted prices for the Christmas Season.

Also if you are looking the weird and strange and wonderful variety of holiday music there are some new Hot Buttered Elves videos posted over at that you might want to check out.

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Thanks + Merry Christmas!
Scott Carr

New Analog Sunsets CD

Analog Sunsets | Twilight (Vol One) available for purchase from CD Baby

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Tracks 01, 05, 09, 10 completed 2013 from existing sources
 Tracks 02, 11 remixes from Hebephrenic 'Hide' cass 1999
 Tracks 03, 08 remixes from Hebephrenic 'Cry Of Industry' demo cass 1988
 Track 04 remix from Hebephrenic 'Ataraxia' cass 1991
 Track 06 from Sunshine 'SuperLove' cass 1999
 Track 07 remix from Hebephrenic 'Blurry' cass 1990

Music Notes:

“This unlikely collection of ambient soundscapes was recorded at various home studios in Bucks, Philadelphia, and Montgomery
counties Pennsylvania from 1988 to 2013. The equipment and methods employed range from synthesizer played directly onto stereo cassette tape
to multitracked audio recorded in multiple takes.

While the original purposes and approachs of these pieces are fairly disparite and too varied to list here, I picked these eleven tracks for Volume One mainly because I feel they represent well the darker more minimal passages of electronic music I have recorded and produced over the past twenty-five years.

It is intended that these recordings be used to enhance activities requiring increased or threshold levels of concentration, alertness and consciousness. Meditation, reflection, thinking, or even simply resting can all be positivly impacted by the use of aural stimulation.

Whatever your listening aims, I hope that you will find these sounds both useful and enjoyable.”

— Scott Carr, April 2013