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Tape Hiss Recordings is a record label created by Scott Carr in 1990. Originally a cassette-only operation dedicated to releasing his electronic and lo-fi experimental music under the moniker Hebephrenic, it evolved over time to include work by a small group of other musicians and sound artists as well.

From 1993 to 1999 the label made the dark and twisted Christmas and Holiday humor of The Hot Buttered Elves available on a highly unique series of cassette tapes.  Most of these were either either given away to friends as Christmas gifts or sold in local shops in the Philadelphia area. As technology advanced and a small but dedicated cult following developed two compilation CD’s and Digital Collections were released to the public in 1999 and 2001.

In 2003 the label released a CD collection of experimental recordings Carr had made with the Tapegerm Collective in the early 2000’s. Around this time Carr assumed a more administrative role with that group and also decided to stop producing the old catalog of audio cassettes at Tape Hiss Recordings.

Following a six year hiatus and signalling an end to the early cassette era Carr produced a new collection by the ever-evolving cast of The Hot Buttered Elves at Christmas in 2007. New Christmas CD’s also followed in 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2012.

In 2013 Carr began curating and mastering recordings from the pre-label tapes he made beginning in the mid 1980’s and which he continued making until the four-track bit the dust around 2003. These soundscapes are being released in a series called Analog Sunsets, the first of which is now available from the usual online shops and a few select stores that still carry compact discs.

Currently Digital Recordings from both Analog Sunsets and The Hot Buttered Elves are available from CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, and a plethora of other online music stores.

Bulk orders for wholesalers and special order CD’s can also be purchased directly from Tape Hiss Recordings. Please use the form in the Contact section of the menu to let us know in what you are interested.

Finally, please consider using your PayPal dollars and cents to say ‘HEY, I REALLY DIG WHAT YOU’RE DOING! PLEASE MAKE SOME MORE MUSIC.’ Think of it as a preemptive ‘Kickstarter’ if you like: whatever works for you. You’re the angel. Any amount you can afford to give will go directly to the production of new works by Tape Hiss Recordings and this paragraph is the ONLY mention of this sort around here: We will not shite up your mind-space with mountains of drek adverts, beg-a-thons, ad-words, or any other such dishonest viral wannabe reeking trickery. We make music. That’s it. If you can help us do more of that then it’s you who really rocks. Thanks!